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 Posted: Fri Jan 29th, 2021 04:02 am
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George Durbin

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Louis Luu wrote: The following badges will be sold $50/each...shipping included.  Please put down how many you want here...don't PM...hard to keep track of.  The back will be filled/solid...don't have time right now to mess with pressing...that will be after I'm done with the mini lollipop/vane casting project.  For now...these will be filled/solid cast in bronze....shine up like not use buffing wheel...use Brasso and toothbrush...otherwise loose detail.  Rick Powell was kind enough to donate the 12 inch Diehl and 12 inch ECK badge. will get yours free...the least I can do.  Charlie Wicks will get 12 inch Hunter...even though he did not ask...He just wants to help...very kind person.  

Sorry for the has been hectic and it is more cost effective if I cast these all at once.  I been making the lost wax mold for several...the only ones I need to finish up are the Hunter and Fortwayne badges.

I'm hoping George Durbin will volunteer to sell these.  If it does not sale...he will most likely make clocks out of them...don't ask...don't even want to know.  Please do not pay until items are picked up....just tell me how many you want and which ones.

Hee heeeee!

Clocks?  Wut makes yo think that!😅🤣😂
Of course I will sell them and mail them!

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