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 Posted: Sat Mar 27th, 2021 04:51 pm
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Jim Humphrey

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Here’s a Dayton Type 267 (not a 267/12, my error in subject line) that I’d like to send on to a new owner.  This one is original paint with some touchups and imperfections, the headwire has been replaced, and the nickel plating is very good for being original.  Nice cage badge, this is a great running fan with a quiet oscillator and smooth oscillation, better paint than the other 267 I’ll be listing, and excellent speed separation on 110 V.  On 120 V it still has good speed separation, just runs faster.  And miracle of miracles, the pot metal knuckle is intact and functional.
$350 plus shipping on this one, and I’m listing another Type 267 on the next post

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