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 Posted: Sat Mar 27th, 2021 05:36 pm
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Jim Humphrey

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Here we have a Dayton Type 267/12, a 12” BB/SC (10 wire cage) with a nice badge, nice original paint with a few touchups and chips, original headwire, and a label on the right side of the motor that says “Childers Electric Co. Incorporated, Electrical Contractors and Supplies, Louisville KY.”  

The nickel plating that Dayton used on screws and oscillator parts of their fans is in fair condition, and the screw-on rear cover on the oscillator isn’t pristine but it isn’t all buggered up like most where people used pliers to try to remove it, not realizing that it’s a righty loosy.  

This fan runs and oscillates smoothly and quietly, no herky-jerky stuff, excellent speed separation at 110 V, still good at 120 V, just runs faster than it would have back in the day.  On low, it’s just a very “comfortable” fan, quiet and smooth.  Oh, yeah, the pot metal knuckle is undamaged, a miracle in and of itself.

I just found a thread on this website involving an Emerson with a tag identical to the one on this fan: .

Let’s say $300 plus shipping.