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 Posted: Thu Jun 17th, 2021 01:26 am
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Louis Luu


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Last call...this will be my last casting for badges. I will be dropping off the mold end of month and hopefully picking up some stuff. Otherwise, moving on to other projects.

I will do one last cast for badges.

Deadline for order will close at end of next month...End of August (8/31/2021).  Orders placed after closing date will be ignored.

Cast in bronze  with solid back and can be nickel plated (not by me).  $80 each with free shipping.  I will post pictures when website returns back to normal. Search # 63335 

(Sorry for the confusion).  For those who placed their order previously...I will honor the price $50 with free shipping.  The new order page here is $80 with free shipping...I have to recoup some of my losses.  When you receive your badge and wish to place more, please post here.

When you get the badge, feel free to belt sand the  back to level it.  I left plenty of metal in the back for this purpose.  You might want to gently round the perimeter while you are at it.  Please do NOT use a wire wheel to polish.  I like using a dremel with Red Rouge (red rouge is gentle) and wipe with a terry cloth.  I do not like washing off the red rouge completely.  The dark contrast is nice.  The badge will darken a bit with time...some of my badges actually has a nice "brass" tinge with time.

For those who placed their order for the 8" R&M on the previous page.  I lost the data/post...can you please post here again...sorry.



8" R&M Flag 

J. Stone

12" Hunter

16" Hunter


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