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 Posted: Thu Jul 1st, 2021 09:48 am
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Louis Luu


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While I'm debating on what style of hubs to use for my mini-lollipop projects, I thought these would be great for R&M 8" hub replacement or used on the small toy motors.  Other styles will be available, I have not picked them up yet.  I will selling 3 blade and 6 blade Porter hub versions.  The 3 blade hub will be $30 free shipping and $50 for the six blade version free shipping.  I had pictures...but they are lost in the gallery somewhere and I will need to search for them.  I did send George a sneak peak...maybe they are in his emails?  George, do you recall me sending you a sneak peak of some 3 blade and six blade hubs I was fabricating?

But for now, here is an 8" R&M hub cast in bronze will all holes filled.  Doing this so the holes can be drilled for various size toy motors.  The hub can be nickel plated if you choose to (not by me).

Please place your orders here so it does not get lost.