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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2021 01:39 pm
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Louis Luu


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Jeff, I'll put you down for:

two 3 blade hubs
1 12" AC lollipop hub
1 12" DC lollipop hub

As for the motor table, the dimensions for Model A and Model B are given.  I don't have a Porter No.3 to measure.  Model C will be for the Perret motor.  The approximate dimensions are given but that will change slightly thanks to Steve Cunningham.  Steve Cunningham has graciously allow George to trace the outline/contours of his Perret fan at the fan Museum.  Model C will closely match the original Perret table.

Jeff Whitfield wrote: Hello Louis

I would like to order:

2 3-blade hubs for Porter #3
1 lollipop hub (AC) version
1 lollipop hub (DC) version

Thanks for undertaking another project.

I have one other question related to motor tables (mentioned in your other post) ... Will the table for the Porter #2 also be sized for the base of a Porter #3?