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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2021 09:38 am
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Putting it here separate from my other hub sale...I don't think there is a big demand so hopefully those in need will see it.

I was asked by a member to help with casting the hub after exhausted dead ends.  I reached out to members here on the forum...all very helpful.  I was finally able to reach Rick Hill.  He has generously lent me a pattern to make a mold and cast.  Since the pattern is already coated with polyurethane...I do not feel comfortable priming and adjusting for shrinkage like I typically do with other pieces I have cast in the past for fear of damaging the pattern.  If you are interested, please post here.  I am doing this at cost as this thing is hub is HUGE!  I own many fans...none of my fan hubs compare to this monstrosity.

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