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 Posted: Mon Aug 23rd, 2021 08:32 pm
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Chad Baker

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I ordered badges from you with the intention of using for current and future fans.  Purchasing those badges has nothing to do with "middle man".  I never said anything about offering badges purchased from you for the purpose of resale.  Those comments are made in an attempt to cover up the real issue at the time.  

You made a commitement to purchase and part of the terms of that transaction were monthly payments in the form of a money order.  The first month you could not hold up your end of the obligation because you were "stretched thin from another fan purchase".  With a promise to double up the following month, I accepted your reason for no payment.  The following month comes and several weeks after a payment is to be made...nothing.  I reached out to you and "you dont have time to got to the bank" and "I need to stay out of your business".  It appears you have plenty of time on your hands to "live" on the AFCA Website and melt iron but following through with financial obligations wasn't of top priority.  Wait until you take that same attitude with filling orders!!

Best of luck to all involved