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 Posted: Fri Sep 17th, 2021 11:58 pm
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Rick Smith wrote: Jeez guys, looks like I've started a pile on here...Ha!...I said earlier that this was funny because in 25 years or so I had never heard of this issue with Hunter's desk fan blades but now it's looking like knowledge of every one of them that ever had bad rivets is coming out of the woodwork so let me try and refocus the topic of interest...the deal is that the blade assembly that I have and need a replacement for does NOT have bad rivets in it, one of the blades is out of clock with the others from a drop or fall while running as best as I can tell and the balance is WAYYYY out of whack from the weight being shifted to the side of the assembly with the out of clock blade where two of the blades are closest together now...I've tried as best as I can to finesse the bent spider arm on that blade closer back to being in clock with the others and even though the balance is better now I have mostly failed in these efforts..for what it's worth.the blades and rivets on this blade assembly could'nt be torn free from the spider or they surely would have by now with the attempts that I've made to correct the bent arm so back to the subject at hand: I'm still in need of a straight, in-balance 16-inch polished aluminum (or chromed, whichever it is) blade assembly for this fan AND an oscillator bell shoulder screw for the oscillator linkage arm to attach it to the bottom of the bell...anybody have a couple of spares stuck back that you could part with?...a junk fan (burned up motor, etc.) that still has a good blade assembly and oscillator shoulder screw would be acceptable...drop me a line if you can help out here o.k.?...thanks, Rick
I will check in the remaining part stash I have once I am finished moving to see if I still have a blade for one of these. Can't guarantee as I have parted with more than 3/4 of my collection at this point and it will be a few weeks before I can sort through the remaining stuff. The reason we are bringing up the rivet issue these blades have is because it's actually not too easy to find a blade for one of these for that reason, among others. The good blades that have survived are on running fans. I wish you luck in finding a blade and if one crosses my path I will certainly inform you.