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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2021 04:29 am
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Russ Huber

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David Kilnapp gets first dubs if interested as I talked to him about it in recent past. I don't get to it to finish it, and it takes up needed space with the other box projects I don't finish. Most of the dirty work is done. The fan is complete other than some unknown minor needs I may have missed. I purchased the fan sans blade guard and struts from an antique mall, so I didn't get it for peanuts.  The antique mall was miles from home and I had to bite the bullet, or leave it sit and walk. As you can see, I bit the bullet.  :D

The blade guard is a Ted Kaczor 10 wire reproduction fitting for this 03 model. The struts, head and power cord grommets, motor terminal insulators, and new brass bearing were well done by Kim Frank. I tested the stator, and original speed coil both to be good. I balanced the blade so it is ready to be polished, installed, and run true.

The castings were powder coated by a skilled powder coater in Prismatic Super Root Beer(metallic finish). Once the brass is polished and the fan is complete, the combination of the powder coat finish and polished brass should rock.

After taking a look at what I have in it, I would need to ask $1,100.00 for it as is to be assembled + exact shipping/insurance UPS. Send me a PM if interested. I will pack the fan parts very carefully. Any questions, please feel free to call me to answer your questions, or PM me your phone number and I will call you.

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