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 Posted: Wed Sep 29th, 2021 01:01 pm
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Tom Zapf


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matt the first question is did you recently replace  the belt? has the motor and the sleeve bearing been oiled? if you take off the belt the motor should spin and the fan blade should spin,  both by hand. if the belt is too tight it will not get going well by itself. your motor has a start-switch inside it only for spin up and then it disengages ...when you shut the fan off you should hear a click as the fan stops. this re sets the start switch (some call it a clutch) for the next time you turn it on. This start switch can get gummed up and it doesnt click in which case your motor will hum but not start moving without help...i suspect this is your issue..... see if you can get some advice here from someone who knows how to have that switch get back to work....i have had this issue on 2 of these fans and one of my motor guys took care of it so your fan should live again !