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 Posted: Wed Dec 15th, 2021 04:08 am
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Alex Rushing

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Someone needs to get the 19646. These are superb resto and custom canvases. Sorry about saying that with fair paint. But, everyone and their mother has one of these with OG finish. My preserved one is in that lot.
I converted mine from a small badge to a long tag. Added brass cage, new Bravi blade, new stator, new switch, and antique white.


Absolutely stunning in white. Converted long tag.

[url=Emerson 19646 Custom Antique White 12in Desk in Restored Completely Restoration - Brass & Iron 19646]]19646 custom resto in antique white[/url]

And just to show I'm not a butcher, here is my OG 19646. Nice to have one of each. Had to polish blades due to massive texture inconsistencies. So, restored. Badge while at it. Otherwise, barring the electrical and mechanical overhaul, OG paint.
Looks like a new fan with OG Japan.  :D

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