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 Posted: Thu Feb 18th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Rob, either find a 1901 or 02 cage or have a new one made. Stick with the 10 wire as it's correct and unique for your fan. You already have the impossible to find cage badge.

BMY cages have wrapped rear rings. Your fan has pierced rear rings. BMY cage badges are not as detailed and crisp as the 10-wire cage badges, are deeper and have a rear cover unlike your fan should (shouldn't) have.

Since you have indicated you will eventually restore your fan a new cage, done correctly, should be nearly impossible to tell from an original. And you even have the original front and rear rings and connectors. Just have them incorporated into some new S-wires. You'll have a stunning and completely original looking pancake that way. But find the person who can do it right.

At least you are way ahead of me and my 1902 pancake where I have only the rear ring and no badge. Been thinking of having an 1898 style large open ring cage made for it. Any cage almost is better than a BMY cage I think.