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Bad bearings  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Dec 13th, 2021 08:11 pm
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Marryann Claritan

Joined: Sat Mar 11th, 2017
Location: Garner, North Carolina USA
So, My first vintage fan that I ever had in my collection is a Zero 1250r, I still have it, and Honestly besides the value I have in it because it started a whole hoarding problem collection of vintage fans, I actually really like the little fan and use it a lot. I don't feel that I need to post a picture, everyone knows what a zero 1250r is, and like most of these small bersted fans, they have to be oiled a lot, and nobody seems to have done it.
When I got the fan it was so loud that you could hear it from miles away. Of course I oil it as intended, maybe even too much, But the bearings are pretty much shot in it, after running for more than like 30 minutes it starts making annoying sounds, if oiled it will stop for another 30 minutes and then start again. The bearings are pretty obviously worn, the shaft has quite a bit of up and down play inside of the bearings.
I know that there is probably no way to actually fix this, the back bearing is removable and I could use a parts fan, but the front bearing (which is in worse shape) is stamped into the case if I remember correctly.
I am not completely sure, but I am pretty sure the sound it makes when it gets warmed up is actually the rotor rubbing on the stater, so is there any way to maybe sand either the rotor or the inside of the stater, or would that cause more issues?

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